Digitalisation is all about change. While many still fear it, others have embraced it – and are reaping the rewards. What seems like a daunting risk is a process that can be precisely planned, closely supported and successfully completed thanks to our experience and agile project approach.

With 2B DIGITAL as partner, even the most challenging projects turn into something exciting:



Our Mission

We love utilising technology to connect people intuitively.

Pragmatists talk about technology, visionaries think about where it can take them. An agile enterprise can give customers exactly what they expect from true innovators and market leaders today. It‘s all about positive surprises, unique experiences – and about smart products and services to make it happen.

At 2B DIGITAL we’re digital natives and first movers. We help organisations unite their skills and realise digitalisation successfully.

We love to pave new ways, so you can reach your goals faster. We’ve been there, done that – and we want to do it again and again:

mentoring innovation.

Our Approach

Turning stakeholders into team players.

In a strong team everybody can bring something to the table. This is where 2B DIGITAL comes in. We establish a productive dialogue and mediate between all departments involved, thus ensuring a smooth workflow. We facilitate communication, design streamlined processes and make sure all parties are on the same page.

Collecting and reviewing all existing information is key, with reliable data from external sources completing the picture. Next steps: a detailed roadmap, a robust timeline and exact specifications for everyone involved. This solid strategical and operational groundwork enables us to provide leadership and momentum for the tasks at hand.

Reaching your goal feels great.
Reaching it early feels better.

Our Case Studies

Unique projects make great stories.


When a customer relationship needs fixing

Vanguard of the industry: how 2B DIGITAL helped re-design after-sales-service experiences for a global retailer.


Service Life Cycle Management

How to score with service

Knowing what customers want, what’s available already and what the competition is doing: how 2B DIGITAL provided in-depth market intelligence for a global retailer across Europe.


Agile Project Delivery

Big vision, small steps, rapid results

Delivering innovative products and services is never a straight-forward task: how 2B DIGITAL helped to shape and implement the first agile lighthouse project for a global retailer.


Our Services

If you need a good reason to count on us, here’s six.

Market Research

Market Research

From gut feelings to rational decisions:
trust is good, information is everything.

Nobody knows your business like you do. But when it comes to developing successful customer services and products, in-depth market data is king. That’s why we combine up-to-date industry knowledge with data-driven research techniques to paint a perfect picture of your customer’s needs and your company’s potential.

Of course, digitalisation has left a mark on Market Research as well: social and opinion research has become a vital dimension of any decision-making process in the marketing sector today. Our goal is to provide a solid data foundation for your business strategy to maintain and sharpen your competitive edge.

Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Turning good ideas into perfect solutions.

Creativity is a messy business. Sometimes we have to roll up our sleeves and dig in the dirt to come up with something truly unique. With methods like design thinking and user-centric design, we ensure that these great ideas will also be relevant and economically effective.

We‘re all creatures of habit. So no matter how promising new strategies, processes and structures may look in the meeting room, they’re almost always met with a certain level of indecisiveness, doubt, and even resistance. That’s why every new concept has to be carefully reviewed in order to survive the scrutiny of management, finance and the market.

2B DIGITAL includes all team members in the idea development process instead of simply imposing a new approach on them.

Project Development

Project Development

To put together a successful project
we’ll bring everybody on board.

After establishing a clear objective, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Applying robust commercial due diligence, we ensure your project is understood, approved and supported by all staff members, every step along the way.

Is it feasible? This vital question needs to be answered before we start the project planning process. A vision alone doesn‘t do the trick. It needs a deep understanding of the budget cycle and financing requirements to get it up and running.

Agile Project Delivery

Agile Project Delivery

Everything changes, even our self-perception.

Whether on a personal or professional level: evolution is always a positive experience – if we embrace it.

When it comes to digitalisation, we’re looking for freedom to change while maintaining predictability. That‘s why we evaluate resources, assign tasks and assess outcomes in short cycles, while ensuring that everything stays on time and within budget.

We promote a creative environment by adding transparency and structure. Our proven agile approach helps us maintain our project’s momentum and bridge any communication gaps between the different departments while reducing redundant red tape to a minimum.

Every project should be a living, breathing organism – just like the people who work on it. It grows, shapes into different forms, takes surprisingly new paths.

Product and Service Design

Product and Service Design

When you think of your customer services:
think different.

Ultimately, it’s the customer who makes or breaks a company’s success. The obvious way of keeping them loyal and satisfied is to find out about their needs and give them what they want. Mission accomplished.

But what about the many consumers who are not so sure about what they want – or just can’t be bothered to tell us?

2B DIGITAL follows proven approaches to really understand your customers’ needs and motivations: design thinking and user-centric design. What are the flaws of the existing customer services and products? Can they be tweaked or do they need to be replaced?

We could just react to customer related issues by simply providing some urgently needed fixes. However, at 2B DIGITAL we prefer going all the way by designing compelling and innovative offers people love.

Benefit Realisation

Benefit Realisation

Real results – real value:
how to make sure your investment pays off.

At the beginning of a project it is clear which new benefits need to be created in terms of customer experience, sales volume and cost-efficiency.

However, somewhere along the way the focus shifts towards solving short-term problems rather than ways to measure the project’s long-term success. But, there is nothing worse than achieving great results while not being able to prove it.

That’s why 2B DIGITAL makes sure that benefit tracking and realisation always take centre stage – from project development all the way through to implementation and beyond.

Our References

Wondering if 2B DIGITAL is a good fit? Our clients know best.

Kelvin Ho // Head of Operations Strategy & Performance, Vodafone Group

“2B DIGITAL is one of the foremost experts on customer service strategy and transformation. Not only were they able to provide important business and customer insights, but they also successfully assisted in various programme executions across the globe. I consider them a part of our extended team.”

Dominic Dahl // Global After Sales Services Lead, Vodafone Group

“2B DIGITAL consistently delivers high quality management consultancy targeted to maximise the impact of our in-channel service delivery approaches. Excellent industry knowledge paired with a passion to perform on a very high level truly sets 2B DIGITAL apart from other management consultancies. 2B DIGITAL is my hidden champion.”

Jayne French-Drayton // Global Head of Digital Transformation & Incubator Delivery, Vodafone Group

“2B DIGITAL is a trusted business- and technology delivery partner who has contributed to our key successes over the last few years. Namely the execution of key technology programmes. Delivering exceptional customer service improvements and cloud based solutions, enabling aspects of our European-wide Digital Transformation to be realised. High-calibre resources integrated into our base team collectively providing remarkable results for our business. 2B DIGITAL has played a critical role for us.”

Change the world.
Start with us.

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