Entrepreneurship is the foundation to solve complex, global challenges. We harness the power of science and engineering in combination with market dynamics to foster sustainable progress of humankind.

2B DIGITAL is a diverse team of strategists, venture architects and founding specialists that creates innovative organisations to address the ecological, social and economic challenges of today and the future.

We love to pave new ways to drive positive change across the world:



Our Purpose

For us, entrepreneurs are at the core of the solution.

To advance life for new generations we focus on market dynamics and dare to question established paradigms.

2B DIGITAL develops and realises disruptive business models that transform entire industries. Harnessing the potential of digitality we solve complex, global challenges by introducing new perspectives and diverse solution ecosystems.

We’ve been there, done that – and want to do it again and again:

Founding your future.

Our Approach

Turning stakeholders into team players.

Organisations are strongest when everybody is able to contribute their best. This is where 2B DIGITAL comes in. Helping people embrace innovation and realise ideas at maximum speed. We ensure a smooth ‘flow’ towards achieving change with impact.

Reaching your goal feels good.
Reaching it together feels awesome.

Our Experience

Founding-Partners at eye level. Experience we are proud of.

Change the world.
Start with us.

Careers @ 2B DIGITAL