Successful digitalisation serves mankind. The cooperation of people is its foundation and creates the basis for digital progress.

2B DIGITAL as a team of business architects helps organisations realise pragmatic digitalisation successfully – with a constant focus on the human element.

With 2B DIGITAL as partner, you realise even the most challenging projects with structure, speed and results of the highest standard:



Our Purpose

For us, humans are at the core of digitalisation.

Successful enterprises focus on the human element and offer customers exactly what they expect from true innovators and market leaders today: positive surprises, unique experiences and smart products and services.

2B DIGITAL helps you develop and realise digital business models and transform operational processes – creating exceptional customer experiences through human-centred service design and advanced data concepts.

We’ve been there, done that – and want to do it again and again:

mentoring innovation.

Our Approach

Turning stakeholders into team players.

Your team is strongest when everybody is able to contribute their best. This is where 2B DIGITAL comes in. We help your organisation to align itself towards innovation and realising ideas at maximum speed. Through establishing a productive dialogue between all departments involved, we ensure a smooth workflow within your projects.

Digital innovations and technologies are no end in itself and have to be aligned to the needs of their users from the very beginning. 2B DIGITAL enables you to stringently focus your innovation- and design processes on the human element.

Reaching your goal feels great.
Reaching it together feels better.

Our Services

Structure, speed and results of the highest standard.

Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Create future-proof organisations.

Once the digital strategy is in place, we work with you to ensure that your organisation can implement it in the long term. With the right culture and structure, your company will remain innovative and resilient in times of growing uncertainty.

Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Quickly become and remain an innovator (again).

Your organisation produces great ideas every day. We help you find them, manage them in a structured way and try them out. An open culture, quick decisions and new ways of co-creation provoke progress.

Business Architecture

Business Architecture

Turn ideas into sustainable business success.

You are easy to inspire, but difficult to convince. We help you to turn an idea pipeline into resilient, innovative project concepts and business models. A robust commercial due diligence is the basis for successful projects.

Disruptive Data Concepts

Disruptive Data Concepts

Establish and use data sovereignty.

Everyone has data – it is time to unlock its value. We help you to establish data sovereignty: Knowing what data exists, what is still needed and how it is used for modern, disruptive business models.

Service Design

Service Design

Design (products and) services with people at the centre.

When you think of your service – think differently. Disruptive, data-driven business models use innovative services with people at the centre. We help your product and service management to break new ground.

Project Realisation

Project Realisation

Realise complex projects in an adaptive, fast and successful way.

Successful digitalisation requires consistent leadership. We promote dynamic, creative environments with transparency and structure, maintain the momentum of your projects and proactively overcome risks and blockers.

Our References

Digitalisation at eye level. References we are proud of.

Kelvin Ho // Head of Operations Strategy & Performance, Vodafone Group

“2B DIGITAL is one of the foremost experts on customer service strategy and transformation. Not only were they able to provide important business and customer insights, but they also successfully assisted in various programme executions across the globe. I consider them a part of our extended team.”

Dominic Dahl // Global After Sales Services Lead, Vodafone Group

“2B DIGITAL consistently delivers high quality management consultancy targeted to maximise the impact of our in-channel service delivery approaches. Excellent industry knowledge paired with a passion to perform on a very high level truly sets 2B DIGITAL apart from other management consultancies. 2B DIGITAL is my hidden champion.”

Jayne French-Drayton // Global Lean Agile Centre of Excellence Lead, Vodafone Group

“2B DIGITAL is a trusted business- and technology delivery partner who has contributed to our key successes over the last few years. Namely the execution of key technology programmes. Delivering exceptional customer service improvements and cloud based solutions, enabling aspects of our European-wide Digital Transformation to be realised. High-calibre resources integrated into our base team collectively providing remarkable results for our business. 2B DIGITAL has played a critical role for us.”

Our Case Studies

Unique projects make great stories.


When a customer relationship needs fixing

Vanguard of the industry: how 2B DIGITAL helped re-design after-sales-service experiences for a global retailer.


Service Life Cycle Management

How to score with service

Knowing what customers want, what’s available already and what the competition is doing: how 2B DIGITAL provided in-depth market intelligence for a global retailer across Europe.


Agile Project Delivery

Big vision, small steps, rapid results

Delivering innovative products and services is never a straight-forward task: how 2B DIGITAL helped to shape and implement the first agile lighthouse project for a global retailer.


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